piston type flow regulating valve-凯发k8旗舰厅

piston type flow regulating valve

design features:

1. hollow streamlined valve body, straight through axial symmetrical flow channel, the section is ring; 

2.built-in crank slider mechanism, the valve is fast and then slow, there will be no sudden change of pressure and valve water hammer; 

3.double sealing structure of metal-metal and metal-elastic materials; 

4.the linear relation between the opening and the flow rate can adjust the medium precisely;

5.different types of throttling elements: fan ring type, slot type, multi-jet type, circulation type and other special design, to meet different working conditions.

product standard:

1. design, manufacture and acceptance q/td02-2016;

2. flange connection size gb/t17241

3. pressure test gb/t13927.

major parameter:

nominal size:dn200-2400;

nominal pressurepn6-40;

seal test pressure1.1pn;

shell test pressure1.5pn;

medium temperature:0-80℃;

suitable mediumwater、sewage、air、etc.

suitable conditions

1. gravity artesian transmission line; 

2. the pipeline pressure and flow need to be adjusted.

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