our company won e20 environment platform, excellent water supply equipment brand in 2016-凯发k8旗舰厅

our company won e20 environment platform, excellent water supply equipment brand in 2016-2017publisher:tongdu flowviews:

    congratulations to our company, which has been awarded the excellent water supply equipment brand of the e20 environment platform for 2016-2017.

e20 platform, chinese water service promotion alliance carried out special "2016-2017 chinese annual water supply equipment brand selection", found and establish best water supply equipment industry brand, strong brand to promote the birth of many industries, for water supply enterprise accurate identification of excellent equipment, provide convenience to provide protection for the safety of water service industry.

it will be rewarding when you give it. the glory of victory belongs to us are fluid, belonging to the struggle in every people in different positions are fluid!
our company specializes in r & d, production and sales of various types of high pressure valve, butterfly valve, check valve, globe valve, ball valve, needle valve, hydraulic control valves, and other environmental protection gate expansion device of hydraulic equipment, the product covers 16 categories, more than 160 series, more than 3000 specifications, to fully meet the customer "stop procurement requirements. the products are widely used in the fields of urban water supply and drainage, long distance water diversion, sewage treatment, water conservancy and hydropower projects, petrochemical, metallurgical electric power, rail transportation and so on.
the company is a manufacturer of sluice valve, knife gate valve, dn2000 eccentric hemisphere valve, dn3600 butterfly valve and 6000 x 6000 cast iron gate, which can produce super large caliber dn2200 at the same time. non standard large caliber product customized design and manufacturing, has become a strong competitive advantage in the market are fluid.