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china water association technical symposium was successfully completedpublisher:tongdu flowviews:

on may 10th and 11, our company held the seminar on selection and application of equipment such as plant, station, pipe and valve of the national urban water supply enterprises in tongling. zhang mengsheng, the standing committee of the municipal committee and executive vice mayor, and tang shiding, the president of the federation of entrepreneurs, participated in the related activities. from 20 provinces of the country, more than 60 factory station pipe network valve representatives and industry experts participated in the meeting.
china water association equipment and materials pipeline department responsible person has made 2015-2016 years' work report and 2017 work arrangement. industry experts have made lectures on "selection and application of valves commonly used in urban water supply enterprises" and "manual technology application manual for urban water supply".
after the meeting, the participants to visit our company and to our company and subsidiary innovac valve industry co ltd are affirmed and put forward some good suggestions.