to catch because the resumption of production-凯发k8旗舰厅

to catch because the resumption of productionpublisher:tongdu flowviews:

the flood caused by copper fluid losses, the company caught in power a pressing matter of the moment before the resumption of production, based on the existing conditions can be started. after finishing the workshop is clean and bright, but the flood faintly visible traces, celebrate after the disaster first valve delivery, is for eight wildly beating gongs and drums, just to the warehouse staff busy, all the staff of the operation department together, cleaning, packaging, sealing wax, car mounted one of the busy scene. the company borrowed from the 321 geological generators, mechanical and electrical group, all the staff of the equipment group together, wiring, commissioning, only to allow the motor to generate electricity, in order to protect the lifting, handling large diameter valve. it is understood that today is about to issue eight car products, the delivery batch, involving units, shipments are very impressive. a battle like flag, such as a bugle! copper is fluid with energy savings for the dongfeng (supply), the full capacity production, a large number of products will be sent to all parts of the country everfount. rely on crude production, two days workshop gate by manual threading method, assembling water exhaust valve 28, sewage exhaust valve 20, 30 sets of joints. this fully shows that as long as we are not afraid of hardship, use their brains to find ways to create effective way or some. the company hopes that all employees want to think of the company, the company is anxious, to the owner's attitude, play a subjective initiative, difficult times for the company more strategic, more practical!
the dawn is bright. we firmly believe that a company executives have strategizing, staff enthusiasm and strong energy caused by the flood triggered at any moment, loss to back!